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Click your favorite dog, cat, or horse to see if the artwork is available as a $10 or $15 print!

Cassie - PrintCassie - PrintCASSIE Colored Pencil
Davinia - PrintDavinia - PrintDAVINIA - Pastel
Free to Roam - PrintFree to Roam - PrintFREE TO ROAM Pastel
GracieGracieGRACIE Pastel and Colored Pencil
Portrait of Indy - PrintPortrait of Indy - PrintPORTRAIT OF INDY Colored Pencil
Sam - PrintSam - PrintSAM Pastel
Touch of SerenityTouch of SerenityTOUCH OF SERENITY Pastel
Wistful Mare - PrintWistful Mare - PrintWISTFUL MARE Pastel
Annabelle's Ribbon IIAnnabelle's Ribbon IIWIND SPIRIT Pastel
Dougie - PrintDougie - PrintDOUGIE - Pastel


Nature by Dawn presents animal artwork of dogs, cats, and horses by artist, Dawn Ross.

If you love wild animals and nature, then it is most likely that you also love dogs, cats, and horses.  Dogs and cats are a part of almost everyone's life.  Most of us has had a beloved pet at some time or another.  Cassie was the artist's favorite dog.  Click on her picture and read the information on the artist's childhood friend.  Perhaps Cassie reminds you of your own best friend.

Horses are beautiful animals in so many ways.  Whenever you think of a horse, you probably think of loyalty, spirit, and strength.  Check out the spirited artwork of horses on this page.  All of the artworks are currenly available as a print but some are of limited stock so get them while they last!  Gracie is even available as a postcard.

Click the art of the animal you like best and purchase today!

If you are interested in a Pet Portrait of your dog, cat, or horse, please contact me at naturebydawn@aol.com.
Completed on 8 x 11 acid free paper and generally done in either pastel or colored pencil (at the artist's discretion), starting at $120.00.
Allow apx. 30 days for completion, give or take.