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Click your favorite bird to see if the artwork is available as a $10 or $15 print!

Eagle Catching RabbitEagle Catching RabbitEAGLE CATCHING RABBIT Colored Pencil
Golden EagleGolden EagleGOLDEN EAGLE Pastel
Great Horned OwlGreat Horned OwlGREAT HORNED OWL Pastel
KestrelKestrelKESTREL Colored Pencil
Purple HeronPurple HeronPURPLE HERON Pastel
White Storks NestingWhite Storks NestingWHITE STORKS NESTING Pastel


Nature by Dawn presents wildlife artwork of birds.

 The artwork by artist, Dawn Ross ranges from the power of the mighty eagle to the delicate beauty of the heron.  All birds symbolize freedom, the bald eagle more than any.  The bald eagle is an imposing predatory bird.  We all love the intensity of their raptor gaze, the grace of their flight, and the power of their talons.  Look for these aspects in the artworks Eagle Storm and Eagle Catching Rabbit.  Other powerful predatory birds represented in the artwork is the Great Horned Owl and the Kestrel.

 Not all birds in wildlife are powerful predators.  Discover the beauty of the graceful Purple Heron and White Storks Nesting.  Click on the wildlife artwork you like best.  A couple of them will be available in a print.  One of them is available as a postcard.  Get them before they're gone!