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Please read all of the following information:

Shipping Costs - Shipping is free for orders $6.49 and under. It is refundable where the buyer makes arrangements with the artist to pick up the work locally in the area of Des Moines, Iowa.  Orders between $6.50 and $299.00 cost $2.00 for shipping.  This means you can purchase more than one print and sometimes more than one unframed original for the same shipping price.  Orders $300.00 and over cost $30.00 to ship.  Most single items of $300.00 or more are either large pieces (18"x24") or framed pieces.  If you purchase multiple items and the order does not include a framed original or is not one of the large pieces, the artist invites you to place two separate orders in order to pay the lower shipping fee.

Shipping Insurance and Delivery Times - Shipping insurance will be purchased for both framed and unframed original artwork, but not for prints.  Shipping time is approximately 5-10 days for the unframed items and 5-15 days for the framed items.  This will give the artist time to make sure framed artworks are securely packaged.

Ordering Instructions - When purchasing more than one of the same type of item, such as a print and a postcard of the Sundown Mountain artwork, you must check only one box, add to cart, then go back and check another box.  If you check two boxes, the shopping cart will only calculate as though you checked one box.

Return Policy - If you are not satisfied with the artwork, return it to the artist with a signed statement that the artwork has not been copied or reproduced.  If the artwork is in its original condition, the cost of the artwork will be refunded.  As the artist, it is important that the copyright of the artwork is protected.  If a signed statement regarding reproduction is not returned with the artwork, the artist will send a letter for verification.  If no response is received, no refund will be made.  The cost for the item to be shipped will not be refunded.

Shipping Damage - Please note that the artist does not take responsibility for items damaged during shipping.  Shipping insurance will be purchased for all framed and unframed original artwork, but not for prints.  If an item is damaged during shipping, it will be the responsibility of the purchaser to follow-up with the delivery service regarding compensation.  However, please feel free to contact the artist if assistance is needed.

Purchasers of an Unframed Original - Please also note that many of the origianl artwork pieces are done in colored pencil or pastel.  Colored pencil and especially pastel will rub off if you touch it!  The artist does not use permanent fixatiff on her work since it dulls the color.  So please use caution when opening your package and handling the piece.  If you inadvertently smudge or damage the work, the artist will gladly make an attempt to repair the damage.  Depending on the extent of the damage, the artist can make no guarantees as to the quality of the repair.  The purchaser will be responsible for all additional shipping costs should the artwork need to be returned for repair.

Purchasers of a Framed Original - Some of the frames have small nicks and scratches.  These are very small and generally unnoticable.  The damage, however, has already been taken into consideration when pricing the artwork, so no compensation will be provided.  Please read all the information on the framed artwork you are buying to see if it has any damage.

Purchasers of Prints - All prints at this time are Canon color copies.  Technology allows these commercial printers to give an image that very closely resembles the original item, but please note that the image is not a 100% match!  Some prints are of limited stock but are not "limited edition" prints.

Purchasers of Post Cards - Post cards will be sent in an envelope.  There is no shipping charge unless more than two are purchased at one time.  If you want to purchase more than two post cards, the artist welcomes you make two separate purchases in order to avoid a shipping fee.

Shipping to Continental US Residents Only - The artist ships to the Continental US only at this time. However, if you are in Hawaii or Alaska or outside the US and desperately want an item sent to you, special arrangements may be made for an additional shipping fee. Simply e-mail the artist at

Shipping Methods - Benefits of shipping via the US Postal Service is that the items are often delivered right to your door or can be delivered to a P.O. box.  If they can't be delivered to your door or put in your mail box, the post office generally has a pickup location nearby.  Benefits of shipping via UPS is that the items are delivered right to your door and there is usually a method for tracking the package.  Items shipped via UPS can not be delivered to a P.O. box.

Sales Tax - There is a 6% sales tax for all orders shipped to or picked up in the state of Iowa.

Contact Information - The artist can be contacted at  Additional contact information for support or Customer Service:  (785) 393-2044, 2808 Kingman Blvd, Des Moines, IA 50311