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Click your favorite landscape or seascape to see if the artwork is available as a $10 or $15 print!

Blue Oregon Sea - PrintBlue Oregon Sea - PrintBLUE OREGON SEA Pastel
Canyon SunsetCanyon SunsetCANYON SUNSET Pastel
Destination of Success - PrintDestination of Success - PrintDESTINATION OF SUCCESS Pastel
Enchanted HillEnchanted HillENCHANTED HILL Pastel
Fall Reflection - PrintFall Reflection - PrintFALL REFLECTION Pastel
Oregon Blue - PrintOregon Blue - PrintOREGON BLUE Pastel
Oregon Tides - PrintOregon Tides - PrintOREGON TIDES Pastel
Pastel SunsetPastel SunsetPASTEL SUNSET Pastel
Sundown Mountain - PrintSundown Mountain - PrintSUNDOWN MOUNTAIN Pastel


Nature by Dawn presents landscape & seascape artwork by artist, Dawn Ross.

The landscape artwork here ranges from vivid sunsets to towering mountains to calm lakes.  Nothing is as breathtaking as the setting sun changing the sky from blue to purple to pink to orange.  When the artist lived in Texas, she had full view of the sky and took complete advantage of it by sketching pastel pictures day after day.  Canyon Sunset and Pastel Sunset are artworks inspired by these scenes, and so was the sky in Sundown Mountain.

One of nature's most striking aspects is of the sea.  Seascapes represent a dynamic force of nature, both powerful and serene.  Both these characteristics have been captured in the artwork here.  Compare the calm waters of Destination of Success to the turbulent waves of Oregon Seascape.  Buy an original piece of art today and add it to your landscape or seascape collection!  Some works are also available in $10-$15 prints or $3 postcards.  Click on your favorite nature scene to see if a print or postcard is available.

Special note to the Ross Family:  Click on the picture, Oregon Blue, and read the information!