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Click your favorite wolf to see if the artwork is available as a $10 or $15 print!

Nature by Dawn - PrintNature by Dawn - PrintNATURE BY DAWN Pastel & Coloerd Pencil
Purple WolfPurple WolfPURPLE WOLF Colored Pencil
Song of the North - PrintSong of the North - PrintSONG OF THE NORTH print
Wolf EyesWolf EyesWOLF EYES Colored Pencil


Nature by Dawn presents artwork of the wolf.

Unfortunately, ancient cultures often did not portray the wolf in the best light.  Luckily, today wolves are admired for their compelling beauty and untamed spirit.  The best and most popular of American wildlife art is of the wolf.  Discover the beautiful artwork of wolves by artist, Dawn Ross.  Wildlife never seemed so alive!  Wolf Eyes is a gorgeous depiction of the wolf's face and eyes.  The eyes of the wolf seem to bring out its wild essence.  With such a compelling character, it's not surprising that the eyes of the wolf has been chosen as part of the Nature by Dawn logo.  The artwork titled Nature by Dawn is the signature piece.  And as such, the original work will not be sold.  However, you can purchase a print for only $15.  Some of the other artworks are also available in prints, or even as a postcard.  Click the picture you like best to see if a print or postcard is available.